Day 204
Downloaded The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection and spent four hours trying to fix the crashing problem then made my dream family

Day 203
Literally cried over a musician.

Day 202 
I had a super stressful day at work but at least I got to wear some sunny, happy leggings

Day 201
I am the world’s greatest grandpa.

Day 200
Went to my grandma’s for dinner, took funny panoramas again.

Day 199
I came home from college orientation to find that the clothes I ordered finally arrived!! I’m very excited to wear them!

Day 198
Random rocks.

Day 197
Packing for college orientation. I have to stay overnight even though I live 20 minutes away.

Day 196
I was loving how the one hand looked until I had to erase it because the arm was too long

Day 195
I have not experienced Monday until
I had a real job. I got bitten AND swatted at today! Fun Wow.