Day 208
1. OOTD except I wore my white converse because the wedges ended up being uncomfortable on my hurt foot
2. Baby picture!!
3. My socks

Day 207
I fell off a chair and swooshed my foot

Day 206
New socks + dumb tanline + a picture of Ezra Koenig that I laughed at for 10 minutes straight and took a picture of with my phone because I’m lazy

Day 205
Tried to get my brother to take weird selfies with me at outback last night. He refused.

Day 204
Downloaded The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection and spent four hours trying to fix the crashing problem then made my dream family

Day 203
Literally cried over a musician.

Day 202 
I had a super stressful day at work but at least I got to wear some sunny, happy leggings

Day 201
I am the world’s greatest grandpa.

Day 200
Went to my grandma’s for dinner, took funny panoramas again.

Day 199
I came home from college orientation to find that the clothes I ordered finally arrived!! I’m very excited to wear them!